Happy Halloweensie!

My 99 word story for Susanna Leonard Hill’s Halloweensie Contest (100 words or less using creak, pumpkin, & broomstick).

At Grandma’s House Last Halloween

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Just in case you didn’t catch the story on the above slideshow:

In her house so old it creaks,
my Grandma has a door that squeaks.
Just past that door and down the hall,
a broomstick hangs up on the wall.
When I stayed the night last Halloween,
branches tapped on the window screen.
I heard a groan and moan from the creaky floor
and a wheeze and sigh from the squeaky door.
I saw a pumpkin moon and a witch on a broom
who waved to me in my cold dark room.
When I ran to find Grandma that spooky night,
I found an empty bed in the glowing light.

36 thoughts on “Happy Halloweensie!

  1. This is so fun! I love your illustrations. I also enjoyed how you left “room for the reader” to figure out what was going on. I’ve been working on that in my own writing.
    Nice job!

    1. Yes, I did the art too. I needed a story to help build my illustration portfolio & this was a perfect fit. And I may have gotten a wee bit carried away.

  2. It does make one wonder exactly WHAT Grandma is up to after lights-out! Nice ending. I think you left just enough to the imagination.

  3. Spooky !! A witch grandma !!! What fun too your pictures! I wish I was an artist 😦

    Great poem story! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I’d like to inherit Grandma’s broomstick, but I doubt I’d visit her on Halloween!
    Great slides, great story!

    1. Priya – I wrote & illustrated it in 4 days. Not sure how long it took it do the pics exactly, but they are small – 5×7. I did a bit here & there.

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