Getting out into nature

Not the Burton Bridge – despite what I wrote in my sketch book.

I took the kids on a bike ride to the old train bridge and back today.  I wanted a chance to enjoy the fall leaves.  They wanted to get out into nature.  We packed binoculars, snacks, and of course my sketchbook.  My daughter & I took the stairs down the steep slope to the river. Of course my son said “I’m Steve Irwin, I’m going down the dangerous way.”  It wasn’t really dangerous thank goodness, although he’s much braver than me.

I sat down on a rock to sketch the car bridge.  The kids soon tired of throwing rocks into the river and decided to climb the boulders under the train bridge instead.  I was too busy sketching to cringe.  They assured me there was even more to sketch on the other side of the boulders.   On the climb back up to the train bridge, they found a marble amongst the boulders. They were so excited about their “rock climbing” adventure that we had to “high foot five” each other before heading home.

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