We Wear Masks, Orca Book Publishers, 2020

ISBN: 978-1459828797

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“A book for the moment in which we find ourselves, and it offers a ready avenue for opening discussions with our children about what is occurring in the world around them. Recommended.” ― CM: Canadian Review of Materials

“Calm and helpful words to encourage us to look at those who wear masks for a variety of reasons. Double-page spreads effectively create scenarios, often familiar to the children who will be reading or sharing this book.” ― Sal’s Fiction Addiction

“A timely book. The engaging rhymes and beautiful illustrations representing diverse community members, show readers different reasons masks are worn.” ― Toronto Star

Pirate, Year Round, Acorn Press 2019
ISBN-13:  978-1773660271

Join Pirate as she faces her fears, gets creative, & charms the crowds in four seasonal stories.

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Broken Crayons by Patsy Dingwell, Illustrated by Marla Lesage,

Acorn Press, 2020


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When Ms. Gillis, a preservice teacher on Prince Edward Island, decides to complete her International Teaching Practicum in Kenya, sponsored by Farmers Helping Farmers, she is very excited. She can’t wait to start her adventure in the warm African sun, leaving behind cold February days in Canada and (as she comes to learn) a well-stocked Island classroom. She is eager to share her newly-acquired teaching skills with the children in Kenya. She arrives laden with gifts and school supplies from friends on PEI. As she distributes a gift of crayons to her students, she soon realizes that she is the one who has the most to learn. Broken Crayons is a delightful story written for school age children. It is a based on a true story that never grows old and one which carries a message for all, no matter your age.

Cactus Comics (2018 mini-comic)
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