Poetry Month

April is poetry month and I’ve been busy participating in RhyPiBoMo.  Oh, what fun it’s been.  I have a tendency to obsess about everything this is just right for that.

Here’s one I wrote after an early morning worm hunt with the wee ones:

Plip plop,

pouring rain,

worms are on the move again.

Watch them wiggle,

watch them squirm.

Giggle, giggle,

snatch them up

with shaking hands.

If I get my wish

these worms will help me

catch a fish.

(It’s not supposed to be double spaced but I’m not that WordPress savvy – sigh).

One thought on “Poetry Month

  1. Very cute. I can never get Blogger to do the things I want with spacing and type, etc. I thought WordPress was supposed to be better! RhyPiBoMo has been fun, but a lot of work and time!

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