Sometimes rejection leaves you curled up in bed feeling sorry for yourself, eyes swollen and red. Full of endless seas of tears you can’t escape. You count your breaths and wondering if they will stop under the weight of your heavy chest.

But sometimes rejection is a cause for quiet celebration, putting spring in your step. Being rejected means you put yourself out there, made an effort, tried your best. You haven’t failed, merely tried. You can’t succeed without trying.

I just received my first rejection letter for the picture book manuscript I sent out. I’m continuing to work at improving my writing and illustration skills. So far I’m pleased with my progress. Until you try something you don’t even know what you’re capable of!


One thought on “Rejection

  1. So true that you should rejoice in your rejections. If you don’t put your work out there, you can never get that joyous phone call we are all waiting for. So rejoice!!

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