Making the Most of a Lousy Situation

Lesage image 1
He didn’t mind me sketching but asked me to sit at his feet mid-sketch instead of on the chair.

Over the holidays my son had an anaphylactic reaction to peanuts. Thankfully, it was a slow reaction that responded quickly to treatment. He spent almost 6 hours in the Emerg’s trauma/recovery room hooked up to a monitor. Luckily, I keep my sketching supplies in my purse & my son grabbed his tablet on the way out the door so I was able to turn our visit into an extended sketching session.

Lesage image 2
It was interesting to revisit the same subject but with a series of close-up views. 

Six hours is a lot of sketching time in a small room with no view! Perfect for re-visiting my subject with different approaches and media. He was a great model & such a trooper! No tears and an extremely positive outlook despite the scary situation.

Lesage image 3
He changed positions so I tried again with a brush pen but he decided to get more comfortable .

I’d never choose the Emergency room as a sketching location but I am glad that I had my sketching supplies. Sketching helped relieve my anxiety and pass the time. And the sketches are a nice memento and reminder of a lesson learned: Read the Label EVERY TIME!




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