Pirate gets a Valentine

I’m a huge fan of Susanna Hill’s contests because they are a fun way to practice writing skills, see how your work compares to others, and get involved in the kidlit community. So of course I HAD to enter when she announced THE FIRST ANNUAL PRETTY MUCH WORLD FAMOUS VALENTINY WRITING CONTEST!!! (You have until Friday Feb 12th to enter!) 

I decided to recycle the character from my Halloweensie entry. 



Pirate Love day frozen harbour


Pirate Gets a Valentine

Winter comes by northern breeze.
Nights grow longer. Harbours freeze.
Pirate gets the winter blues,
red-hot temper, shortened fuse.

So Pirate hides from winter’s wail.
‘Til she reads her Love Day mail.
Boats are brown. The sea is blue.
All your friends are missing you!

Pirate shivers, peeks outside,
sees her friends all smiling wide.
“Come out Pirate,” call her mates.
“Bundle up and bring your skates!”

But Pirate’s skate is way too tight.
and nothing fits her peg leg right.
Pirate grumbles. Pirate gripes.
Friends all stop and Viking pipes,

“Come on Pirate, try these skis,
glide across the snow with ease!”
But Pirate cannot bend both knees,
manage hills, or dodge the trees.

Pirate whimpers. Pirate whines.
But can’t deter her Valentines.
Nanuk offers. “If you like,
“we could take a snowshoe hike.”

But Pirate’s snowshoes are too small.
They don’t help her out at all.
Pirate kicks and Pirate cries.
But Jack has brought a sweet surprise.

Adobe Photoshop PDF

He digs right down into his pack,
“Pirate, would you like a snack?”
Steaming cocoa, heart-shaped treats.
Friends all wait while Pirate eats.

Pirate snickers. Pirate smirks.
Sharing cookies always works.
Pirate rumbles, “Snowball fight!”
Heaves the snow with all her might.
Pirate sparkles. Pirate shines.
and she delights her Valentines.

Pirate Love Day web



20 thoughts on “Pirate gets a Valentine

  1. What a fabulous story! I love your characters, especially Pirate, and all the things that don’t work for her. Your rhyme just trips off the tongue. Well done!

  2. Now, you see? I just never thought about how having a peg leg might impact ones ability to enjoy winter sports! 🙂 Thanks so much for a creative, kid-friendly and delightful story, Marla! And as always, I love the accompanying illustrations! 🙂

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