Happy Halloween!

Halloween is less than a week away & that means it’s Halloweensie time again!  I love this contest from Susanna Hill – write a story for kids using the words: Haunt, Dark, Costume in any form, without going over 100 words.


Pirate Prepares for Halloween


Pirate wonders what to wear.Pirate spot

Knitted cap with dreadlocked hair?

Striped pajamas? Bandoleer?

Same old shorts she’s worn all year?

Black bandana? New tattoo?

She can’t dress like pirates do!


But a costume would delight

on this dark and haunted night.

Zombie? Werewolf? Ninja? Cat?

Too cliché, she can’t wear that.

Pirate wants to go disguised,

but her friends should be surprised.

Pirate sewing spot


Pirate gathers what she needs:

old bandana, borrowed beads,

Jolly Roger, tattered lace.

Then she snips and sews with grace.

When her tutu is all set.

Sauté, plié, pirouette.

Pirate plans a dance routine

to perform on Halloween.


Pirate ballerina final for blog


35 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. I commented already, but I just want to add that I’m amazed that this isn’t over the word limit. I mean, I did a double-take and actually counted the words…because it’s so action-packed I couldn’t fathom that it was actually within the word limit. Wow! This is a great example of making every word count.

    • I was convinced one of the other entries was way under the word limit despite being a complete & satisfying story. It looked so short. But it was the difference between long words & short words.

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